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Pump Packing: A two-component system comprising of Packset and Packbent
            used primarily for longwall supports.  Cementitious grout is pumped into a high
            tenacity fabric bag resulting in a support capable of over 200 ton of standing
            support.  The two-component system allows a pumping distance of over 10,000 feet.

           System is suitable for areas with difficult access.

P.U.R. (Polyurethane): 2 Component Polyurethane resins used in stabilizing rock, seal
            against gas and water ingress. Bevedol7-Bevedan7 resins are easily injected into
            fissures of less than .1mm of width. The foaming of the Bevedol7- Bevedan7 resins
            reduces the required material quantity therefore saving material and transport costs.
            All substances are chemically bound. It is also used to anchor injection bolts and
            helps with waterproofing.  The injection into the roof is advanced methods of injection
            to insure the rock is stabilized in a much larger area than previous methods.  We
            have different types of resin for a variety of conditions and applications.  It seals
            against gas and water ingress. 

In Seam Core Drilling:  Using lightweight and mobile equipment we are able to obtain core
            samples of the roof, bottom and ribs.

Water Sealing:  Using polyurethane mixtures we can minimize or prevent ingress of water
                in many situations.

Dewatering Holes and Test Holes:  We are able to drill through the top or ribs to remove
             water from previous workings or from abandoned mines.  We are able to test drill
            ahead of advancing sections for hundreds of feet.

Cavity and Back Filling:  High placement speeds of up to 20 cubic meters per hour.  Low
               materials volumes to be transported.  Compressive strengths as quickly as two hours
                that will resist the setting load of a shield.

Silent Seal:  Multi purpose spray foam used as a sealant to stop air leaks resulting in
               more efficient ventilation.  Quick setting material that adheres to most surfaces found underground.
               Found suitable by MSHA.

Hydrofoam: Used in filling cavities and sealing against gases. It achieves compressive
            strength great enough to resist even the setting load of the shield in only 2 hours.
            Rapidly setting inorganic foaming mortar based on cement- containing binding
            agents for grouting and backfilling.

Hydroblend: Designed for pumping distance up to 250 meters. A mixer is used for pump
            packing and stopping construction.

Irma: This Injection pipe has a duel function. It can be used to place injection resins and
             cementitous grouts in rock and also serves as a rock bolt. Once the injection is
             completed it remains in the hole to nail and stabilize the rock. It consists of a single,
             continuous steel tube. Successful injection is guaranteed through an integrated hydraulic  
             packer giving positive sealing of the hole.

Packers:  As the resin is pumped through the packer it expands to seal the diameter of the
            drill hole.  Once the Packer expands fully, a burst disc is activated and allows the
            resin to flow through the injection pipe and into the cracks.  The expanded Packer
            prevents any resin from returning out of the drill hole.

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